Enjoy private and secure network connectivity that's yours to control

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Virtual Private LAN Solutions (VPLS) provides you with a comprehensive Layer 2 Ethernet network that gives you complete control of your networking decisions with bandwidth up to 10 Gbps.

Enjoy connectivity across your entire network, ensuring Class of Service (CoS) is applied to your business applications while you manage your own routing needs.

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Key Benefits

Seamless Connectivity
Connect voice, video and data communications on a single network connection, no matter how many locations your business serves.
Customer Network Control
Enjoy complete control of your network connectivity across a layer-2 Ethernet network.
Prioritize Network Traffic Your Way
Prioritize network traffic as you need with Class of Service (CoS) queues.
Effortless Network Expansion
Scale your network as your business needs without impacting traffic to existing locations.

Discover how easy it is to control your own network with VPLS.

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Key Features

Flexible Service Options

Flexible Service Options

Build your network with a variety of bandwidth options (1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps) and multiple Ethernet access methods.

More Features Available

IEEE 802.1ad Support

VPLS offers standard IEEE 802.1ad support with VLAN tagging and stacking via Q-in-Q.

Control Your Routing

Control Your Routing

Have full control of your network and manage your Layer 3 routing.

Traffic Management and Prioritization

Traffic Management and Prioritization

Refine your network traffic with multiple Class of Service (CoS) profile options.


Private Network

Maintain a secure, private network between all locations, separate from any public data traffic with Ethernet VLAN tagging.

Discover just how much network control you could have with VPLS.

Getting started with VPLS is simple. We’ll ask you a few introductory questions, then get right to the options and pricing we think would work best for you.

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